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Diamond Teak’s Plantation Tour in Costa Rica

At Georgia Artisan, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the highest quality products. That’s why we recently took a trip to Costa Rica to tour Diamond Teak’s Plantation, our main supplier of teak wood. Our goal was to check on the ethical practices of the plantation and better understand their process to ensure we can deliver the best product to our customers.

During our tour, we learned that Kevin, the owner of Diamond Teak, repurposes underused farmland to plant his trees, including teak, mango, and mahogany. It was impressive to see how Diamond Teak is committed to sustainability by not harvesting virgin growth forests that are protected by the government. We also found out that the majority of their operation is based in Costa Rica and that they employ over 150 people in the community with skill sets ranging from manual labor to engineers to accountants.

One of our most popular pieces for sale is our outdoor teak table, and after visiting Diamond Teak’s Plantation, we are confident that we are providing our customers with the highest quality teak wood available. Kevin processes the timber with his own local sawmill, ensuring that the teak wood we receive is without defects. The trip also allowed us to see firsthand the beautiful grains and natural color variations that make teak wood a unique and sought-after material.

Although it rained every day during our trip, we still managed to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Costa Rica. We surfed in the Pacific, hiked through a rainforest, and saw all kinds of wildlife, including monkeys and trees so big you could not wrap your arms around it. It was a memorable and enlightening experience that solidified our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in our business.

Overall, our trip to Diamond Teak’s Plantation was an excellent opportunity to see firsthand the ethical practices of our supplier and understand their process. It has given us a greater appreciation for the quality and unique characteristics of teak wood and a renewed commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products possible.