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Why Choose Georgia Artisan for Custom Wood Furniture?

Experienced Craftsmen

Our field is reclaimed wood carpentry, which is a unique subset of carpentry. Carpenters of fine, flawless furniture would have difficulty performing our style. So, in other words, our craft is taught and learned in-house. Habits learned in previous carpentry disciplines usually must be broken before a builder can progress at Georgia Artisan.

The three-month internship a person must go through is designed both to teach skills applicable to our company and as mentioned, break old habits that may have been learned in prior experience. Some of our craftsmen come to GA with very little carpentry experience and have been trained to do things the “Artisan way.” Collectively, we have over three decades of building this kind of furniture.

Our craftsman come from a variety of backgrounds and we use that to strengthen our process and quality. We have anyone from a retired naval welder to a culinary chef that have found their place on the Georgia Artisan team.

Quality Materials

Georgia Artisan doesn’t skip out on quality. The materials we use are inspected thoroughly by our wood selection department and will not go to the next stage in our process unless it meets our quality standards. Quality always comes first, and we do not make anything that we cannot make well. Our pieces are sturdy and stout.

The process we go through to get the materials for our furniture is incredibly labor intensive. The wood is torn down, not bought. Then we must clean the wood, de-nail it, and cut it into manageable sizes so that we may use it for projects. While most furniture makers buy their materials from suppliers, so we have an extra step in our production process that we must provide labor for. We are our own suppliers, allowing us to be as picky and stringent when analyzing the quality of materials as we want.

Wood Types

As we can work with any wood type a customer requests, we primarily use the following:

  • Pine
  • Teak
  • Mango
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Poplar


Our facility is temperature controlled so that way we able perfectly stain and finish your furniture. We are always researching and experimenting with new finishes as we are with all other processes. We also custom build stains to match certain colors in a customer’s space. The most common stain we work with are:

  • Whitewash
  • Pickling
  • Greyed stain
  • Custom-matched stains

Customizable Features

We love when a custom order comes in. It gives our team a chance to show off our creative, innovative skills and build approaches. Some of the features we can customize to your specifications include:

  • Dimensions
  • Leg style
  • Finish color

Intentional, Made-to-Order Design

Most of our furniture designs are inspired by our customers, and we continue to alter and improve upon them over time. Our team is constantly improving either our process for making something or the design itself based on real feedback from customers.

We spend a lot of time saving the look and feel of the reclaimed wood while maintaining functionality. Often times, we have to make custom manufacturing processes in order to achieve this. At the end of the day, we care about how it looks more than we care if it takes 5 people to bring it into your house.

Comprehensive, Flat Rate Delivery

We offer flat rate white glove shipping to our delivery area for $150 no matter how many pieces are in your order. This includes hand delivery of your piece by two of our carpenters, removal of packaging material, and set up of the product in your desired space. Since our carpenters are the ones delivering, they are equipped to perform on-site repairs.

For all other locations, items are shipped via freight to your driveway. It will be your responsibility to be there upon delivery and move it into your house. Prices are individually quoted based on shipping location. Small items ship for free via FedEx regardless of shipping location.

Lifetime Warranty

Georgia Artisan manufactures all of its products to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We take pride in our work, and maintain the confidence that it will last for many years under regular use. All of our furnishings are covered under a warranty that extends for the lifetime of the product while still in possession of the original owner. During the warranty period, Georgia Artisan will, at its discretion, repair or replace defective merchandise free of charge.

The Georgia Artisan warranty is against defects in workmanship that would lead to defects in the following: separation of joints that have been glued, screwed, dowelled, or any other traditional attachment method and defects in the wood itself.

The nature of the products used in construction of Georgia Artisan furnishings can be unpredictable at times given its unknown history, age, and exposure to the elements over time. We design and craft our products with this taken into account. Working with natural materials such as reclaimed wood, the understanding that it is in a constant state of flex is needed. Due to temperature, moisture, and other factors the wood may expand or contract. This expansion and contraction are foreseen changes and are not covered under the warranty.

This warranty does not extend to damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, tampering, negligence, abuse, acts of God, or ordinary wear and tear. This warranty is given expressly and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose and constitutes the only warranty made by Georgia Artisan. No warranty is made with respect to non-standard materials selected by and used at the request of the customer. No merchandise may be returned to Georgia Artisan without Georgia Artisan’s written approval.

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