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Sustainable. Craftsmanship. Nationwide.

  Georgia Artisan first started as a passion project in college with my best friend Mollie, up-cycling pallets into coffee tables. Now Georgia Artisan has matured into a full scale furniture manufacturing company that employs a small work force and sells and ships reclaimed designer furniture nationwide. We have a lot of strong beliefs here in the shop, ranging from modern designs to neighborhood revitalization to snap-backs. And it is from these ideas that we find the inspiration to create our furniture and the reason why we do what we do.


Ok so wait, what exactly do we believe in?

Sustainable. Craftsmanship. Nationwide.

    We don’t think people should settle for less, especially when it comes to their furniture. We see beauty in the unseen. Instead of old houses destined for the landfill, we see modern designs that can transform a room. A dining table to entertain your guests, a bed frame to fit your bedroom, and the list goes on. Our furniture is built with aged timber, heart pine, integrity and sweat.


    We believe everyone should have access to exceptional furniture that can reflect their own character. Our goal is sustainable furniture, built by craftsmen, to be easy to access everywhere. That’s why we are offering a $100 shipping rate nationwide on all products!


    The team here at Georgia Artisan is crazy passionate about our sustainable, hand crafted furniture. Our craftsmen take on each piece with their full pride and only ship it off if it meets the highest of standards. Your furniture isn’t going to bend, snap, or spontaneously collapse like it’s store-bought counterparts. It will, however, impress your friends and family with it’s sophisticated design. Decades of memories, good times and spilled milk are destined for your furniture. That’s what truly makes us happy and gives us fuel to keep going: your long term enjoyment.

    We may be small, coming from college project beginnings, but we can compete at every level against our competitors and we intend to do just that and take Georgia Artisan nationwide!


Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow our story.