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Our process for creating reclaimed furniture

The process by which we create our custom furniture is a very long and labor-intensive endeavor. Here we are going to go into how we start from an old house and end up with a beautiful piece of custom furniture!

The first step in our process is to find a suitable abandoned home that will not only provide us with the wood that we need but also benefit the community by having it demolished.

Once we’ve got the right place chosen, we start tearing it down! This is a very labor-intensive process and requires our own dedicated crew of demolition workers. We sort the wood we can use from less than useful pieces, as well as old bricks, fixtures and hardware. Once we have all the wood selected, we bring it to our shop and start the next phase of our creation process.

When we have the wood in the shop, we begin preparing it to be used in our furniture. This involves removing old nails from the wood, any attached fixtures and cutting it down to a manageable size in some cases. We then set the wood up on racks so that it can dry, to prevent warping after the furniture is built

Now the real fun begins! After the wood is ready to be used, we actually begin crafting each furniture order by hand! We have a team that works together to cut, build, and sand each piece to a very high quality so that it is ready to be finished

Once the piece is built, we move it into our finishing area. Here we collaborate with our customers to ensure that they receive the finish on the piece that they want. This is one of the most critical stages of the whole process, few mistakes can be made and attention to detail is key.

Last but not least in our chain of events is the actual delivery to our customers! We try to as often as possible, deliver personally to our customers. We love to see our customer’s faces when they receive their custom furniture, and we can make sure that it is not damaged in transit. If we are not able to deliver it personally, we will partner with outside sources to make sure that each customer receives their order in a safe and timely fashion!


That is how we create beautiful custom furniture from reclaimed wood found in Macon, GA!

Don’t forget to stop by our shop or contact us to plan your next custom reclaimed furniture product!