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Our Custom Wood Furniture Carpentry Process

Georgia Artisan takes pride in the ability to offer custom, made-to-order furniture that allows a little piece of history to live in your space. Our furniture gives a new life to an old story and we take pride in each stage in our process. A piece will not leave our shop until it has received multiple quality checks and a final stamp of approval. Your satisfaction is our priority; that is why we have worked to optimize our process to give you a product that is beautiful, functional, and built to your specifications.

Custom Wood Furniture: How It’s Made

Once you have placed your order, either by calling 478-227-3892 or online, we’ll get started on creating your piece.

Customization Confirmation

Before starting on your order, one of our carpenters will call you to confirm the specifications of your piece. We’ll confirm dimensions, colors, and any custom features you want. After we fully understand what you want, your order will be placed on our production schedule.

Wood Selection & Preparation

Before our carpenters can work with the wood, it has to be in the perfect condition. Since our wood comes from historic homes and buildings, it must be de-nailed, cleaned of all debris, and dried out. We keep an inventory of different types of wood we work with in our shop.

Each member of the team is given the power of discretion over their work, which they are socialized to take ownership of. That means each builder has veto power. They can reject any inferior wood or piece of furniture if it doesn’t represent Georgia Artisan craftsmanship.

Brief Team & Schedule Build

Team leaders create an atmosphere where product standards and safety standards, established by the company leadership over time and improved by customer feedback and industry standards, are taught, canonized, and normalized.

Each team member is briefed on the project before we start to ensure a cohesive product and an efficient build. Once everyone understands their responsibilities, we schedule your piece based on the type of product it is and what delivery route will line up with the completion of your order.

Cutting Stage

The wood starts in the cutting department where it is inspected to make sure the material is sound, or not rotten, enough to work with and build a piece of furniture. Our carpenters will then cut the wood to the appropriate dimensions for the next department to begin building. Before moving on to the building department, the wood receives another quality check.

Building Stage

The building department is responsible for assembling your piece to the correct specifications including any custom features you listed in your order. If there’s something we need to check on with you, our team will send you confirmation photos along the way to make sure we are on track to building the perfect piece for you. After building your piece, it’s inspected for quality again.

Finishing Stage

The finishing department receives your order as a completed piece. They will ensure your piece looks beautiful and functions as it should. If you’ve ordered multiple pieces from us, this department will confirm that the pieces work together and look as they should as a unit.

Final Inspection

After your piece has completely gone through our production process, our team comprehensively analyzes the quality of the piece in terms of form, function, and customer specifications. Nothing leaves our shop until it receives our final stamp of approval. Once your order is ready, we either schedule it for the next round of deliveries in your area or we can warehouse it until you are ready for the order to be shipped. We are committed to working with you for a seamless, convenient delivery experience, so let us know how we can accommodate your needs.

Strategically Designed, Custom Wood Furniture

We stick to our process while also giving our carpenters the opportunity to express their creativity. We are a team of carpenters with a passion for creating beautiful pieces our customers can actually utilize in their space.

Why does the Georgia Artisan process work so well? Our team is process-oriented, craftsmen at heart, and never settle for less than excellent quality.

Process-Oriented Without Sacrificing Craftsmanship

Each custom order that is placed with Georgia Artisan is unique and made-to-order. While there are processes to follow set in place to drive productivity and order fulfillment, the artistry, creativity, and passion that goes into the customizable features of a piece remains unmatched – you will be able to tell when you first look at your custom piece.

Our team of carpenters are heavily invested in the product they had their hand in creating and perfectly balance form and function for a beautiful piece that serves the purpose you intended it to. You’ll often see our team waving a piece goodbye as it is loaded on the delivery truck, proud to have created something someone will love.

Multiple Quality Checks

At each stage of our process, the piece is inspected before moving the piece to the next step. Mistakes with the material or design are caught right as they’re happening and resolved immediately to mitigate issues piling up further down the production line. Standards of proper dimensions, durability of piece, aesthetics, and style are all subject to inspection and analyzed.

Managers of each department – wood selection department, build department, and finishing department – methodically roam and browse the production areas, inspecting pieces and watching for safety of process and worker well-being. We also generate paperwork that follows the piece throughout the entire process to ensure we are building exactly what we sold. In addition, we perform a quality check before the piece is loaded for delivery for a final stamp of approval.