Art... Is to Artisan: The History of the Artisan Craftsman

Art is more than an expression. It’s the spirit of what is means to be a true Artisan Craftsman. An Artisan, or Craftsman as some may suggest, is by definition a skilled professional that creates items that are functional or decorative in nature. Most Artisans after years of practicing their craft would reach the expressive level of creating true Art and therefore become a Master Artisan Craftsman.

Our Journey Begins: Georgia Artisan

Continuing the traditions of the early Craftsman we believe that to produce true art it takes more than just a decision but a focused passion of obligation to producing something timeless endued with character, quality and the very soul of the artisan creator. Georgia Artisan is a Macon based boutique furniture manufacture that employs furniture craftsmen from throughout the Middle Georgia region. Formed out of the bonds of friendship, creativity, and consumer demand Georgia Artisan is poised to become the nation’s premier provider of premium handcrafted, artisan furniture.

Sourcing: Forgotten Gems

100 years in the making, our material has a story of its own. There are 100’s of houses left to rot and sit boarded up in neighborhoods across Macon Georgia. These blighted houses are usually 1930 mill homes built cheaply often with material supplied by the mill. What this means to most is abandoned houses scattered about the city but we see something completely different. We see a way to retell the story. We see rough cut timbers perfect for table tops or legs. And nothing makes us happier than to recover the wood and craft something for our customers.

About the Founder: Andrew Eck

A curious entrepreneur whose passion for the arts inspired a company that blends the traditions of historic manufacturing with the flares of modern industrial design. As one of the nation’s premiere young specialty manufacturers, Andrew Eck has worked tirelessly in his local community of Macon, Ga to build an organization that supplies local, national, and international demand for premium artisan furniture. As a local business leader Andrew utilizes his passion for creation to lead various organizations throughout his community ranging from Music to Public Education.
To create sustainable artisan crafted furnishings that speaks to the soul of the sophisticated consumer by exporting the history, culture, and experience of the South. Tasteful designs, timeless furnishings.
Georgia Artisan