The sturdy yet tasteful chair will Built using salvaged lumber from blighted homes in central Georgia, the dramatic tones and depth of this reclaimed wood gives each table a unique character. The chair pictured was assembled using pine rafters from an abandoned home in Macon originally built in 1929. The chair sits 18" tall, and the seat is 17x17" wide and deep. These chairs are sealed with polyurethane for long-term durability. Although the look is rough cut wood, the finish is far from that. All of our chairs are carefully sanded by craftsman that make sure there is smooth finish with no splinters to worry about.


the chairs are beautiful.... i will order more in the future.... thank you so much 🙏🏻 - Jim

Beautifully crafted custom chairs! Great customer service as they tried to make right the fact that the 4 week lead time turned into 8 weeks. Very receptive to feedback both positive and negative. - Corrina