A new addition to our growing line of seating options, these stools made from locally procured reclaimed wood will look great in any home or room. The dramatic tones and depth of this reclaimed wood gives each stool a unique character. The stool shown is made at normal chair height to comfortably sit at a 30 inch tall table top. We can also make the stools for either counter or bar height. If you have anything custom you would like worked into your stool, just let us know! we love creating new and exciting pieces.


Exactly as pictured—just a lot better. Super sturdy. Beautifully built. What I love about these products is that it highlights the wood in its true form. There are natural bumps and knots that are smoothed out but left on—it makes each chair unique and I love that. It’s not a factory cranked out chair. Yes, it’s a practical stool, but it’s also a serious piece of art. This is the second chair I’ve bought, I’ll definitely be buying more. - Michael