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New Designs in the Age of Inspiration

In the modern world, almost everyone has access to vast amounts of information.  Images, stories, facts, and random ideas are available to us at all times via just a few taps of a finger.  In that setting, when it comes to creating something, everyone can be a designer.  Inspiration and guiding information is all around us.  As a company that designs new products, that may sound like a challenge for us.  How can we create something new and original when there are millions of people out there trying to do the same thing, especially when our customers have access to all those other people and their ideas?

You wanna hear a little secret?  We love it.  We absolutely love the varying influences and ideas that our customers bring to us.  A lot of customers come to us with a collection of several photos.  They like the table top in one, the legs in another, the cabinet doors in a third, and the hardware in a fourth.  We truly enjoy taking all of that inspiration and working to create something completely unique as a brand new product.  We have the mentality that the best way to build a complete line-up of products is to design what the people are asking for, not the other way around.  Sometimes we are struck with inspiration all our own, and we put out a brand new product without a specific request, but we want to make sure that we’re directing our design efforts to meet the needs of those around us and across the country!

 We have our bread and butter designs like our farmhouse collection.  There is a lot of selection in the market for farmhouse style furniture, and we think that’s a great thing!  We stand proud of our version of the style, with all the unique little aspects that make it our own.  We will always offer those products, and we will always love building them and standing behind them 100%.  However, we’re also always looking to add to our line-up.  One of our favorite parts of the whole business is figuring out how to build something new and seeing it come together for the first time!  So if you’re looking for something unique and you like what we offer, but just don’t see quite what you’re looking for, reach out to us!  We’d be happy to listen to you, hear what inspires you, and share some ideas of our own.

Your inspiration inspires us, everyday.  Let us help you bring it to life.