Meet the Team Series Part 1

Travis Spencer; VP of Design

First up in our “Meet the Team Series,” is Travis Spencer, our design guru and purchasing master.  Travis brings a lot to the table for Georgia Artisan, mostly in the form of daily funky socks and a beard that Andrew’s beard only hopes to one day be.  When he’s in the shop, he can normally be identified by the Where’s Waldo snapback hat he’s likely wearing, or as the one that’s hard at work (most of the time) either on the computer or doodling on some graph paper, creating a new product design. He splits his work time between handling the purchasing of everything we use in the shop, designing new products and custom requests, and his other job, building houses with Habitat for Humanity here in Macon.

Travis is a fairly recent Macon transplant, having moved down here from Chapel Hill, NC in July of 2016.  After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in economics and moving to New Zealand for a year, he returned to his alma mater city to start his own custom reclaimed wood furniture business, Custom Rustic Designs.  Much like the early days of Georgia Artisan, his company started with a small project made from pallet wood.  As his skills and experience grew, so did the range of what he built.  Before long, he had expanded to offer hand-crafted bed-frames, china cabinets, bar carts, bookshelves, wine racks, bar stools, reading chairs, beer caddies, tables, and benches, as well as odd, one-off requests like a model ship display case.  

Last summer when he and his fiance, Sarah, decided to move to Macon for her budding career as a Speech Pathologist, he wrapped up his custom business after an exciting two plus years.  It didn’t take him long to jump right back into the business, though, when he met Andrew and heard about Georgia Artisan (then called Georgia Pallet) even before he and Sarah were through unpacking boxes.  He was excited to come onboard in October 2016 and is just one of the crucial parts of the team.

Here at Georgia Artisan, we have a few things that set us apart from other reclaimed wood furniture manufacturers, and our people are perhaps the most important factors.  We have assembled an impressive team of skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen from varying backgrounds, and they all mesh together and work as a unit to put out our fantastic products at reasonable prices.  They all believe in the goal of bringing sustainable craftsmanship to the nation, and they want to be the one to build a table, or bench, or bar-top, or chair, or bed, or island, made just for your home!

Stay tuned to meet another member of our team soon!